Direct to Garment Services


Direct-to-garment printing uses specialized ink jet technology. Direct-to-garment printing:
Creates stronger bonds between garment fibers and inks
Lays loose fibers for a smoother effect
Reacts with the inks for drying and curing
Is a digital process, the print is sharper and has a higher resolution for minimal cost.

71% of people feel happy when they receive a promotional product, which influences their buying behavior significantly. 83% of consumers recalled the branding of the promotional product they received, and eight in ten admitted their impression of a brand positively changed after receiving a promotional product. Consumers also agree that while promotional products bring value to brands, they also found to be useful. Functionality and style are the two main reasons why consumers love promotional products. Brand loyalty also increases by 24% through the distribution of promotional products. Overall, promotional products are the best received and the least avoided advertising vehicle.
So, the next question that needs to be asked is: what’s stopping you from buying promotional products?

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