Why It's Important to Start Your Holiday Shopping Now

  • Nov 1, 2021

Maybe you’ve seen the headlines or have experienced this first hand:
“Holiday shopping has started early amid fears over delays”
“Disruptions in global supply chains from COVID, storms, and shortages lead many to worry about empty shelves”
“Shoppers should expect longer ship times and limited inventory this holiday season”
I know you do not want to let your staff, customers, and vendors down. 
You’re not getting ahead of yourself, you’re being smart! More time, more choices, more likely you’ll make the desired delivery deadline! But NOW is the to reach out and order for the holidays.
Whether it’s special holiday “thank you” gifts for your loyal vendors and customers, or logoed stocking stuffers for employees, my superpower is matching products to your needs. 
Think of me as your personal shopper. Tell me everything you can about what you have in mind. With this information, I will give you a few hand-selected choices to accommodate all of your wishes. 
Let’s brainstorm and make sure your holiday season happens the way it should! Reach out to me today to get started!

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