Tradeshow Season is Here!!! Part 2

  • Jan 5, 2019

Part 2


The Booth


Having the right or the wrong booth will make all the difference in the world to how successful your tradeshow will be.


Developing a strategy for your booth space is important.  Here are some questions for you to consider when working on your booth;


1.      What is the budget for our booth?


2.      What type of booth do we need and how much space?  (for example, do you need a standard 10’ x 10’ booth or something larger? Do you need a space that incorporates a small meeting area? Digital displays? Other visual effects? Music/sound?)


3.      Who do we want to attract to the booth?


4.      How are we going to engage with the audience and bring them in?


5.      How are we going to capture the information of our visitors so that we can engage with them afterwards?


6.      What can we send them away with so that they want to engage with us afterwards?


7.      What plan is there for follow up?  (this is key – too many company’s make this mistake and lose business because they fail to follow up)


These are all important aspects of having an effective booth. 


Some booth “Don’ts”


a.       Don’t just have a table and a chair as your booth – put some effort into the right booth.  Invest into something that’s going to help you


b.      Don’t sit down for long periods of time – you always want to be eye to eye and engaging attendees.  That can’t happen sitting at a table in a chair.  Chances are, they will walk right by you.  I generally don’t sit in the booth at all – I save my “sit down” or rest time for when I am not in the booth.


c.       Don’t be on your mobile device – unless you’re looking up information for the person in front of you, there’s no need to be on your phone, while in the booth. 

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