Promo Product Update – 2020 Trends

  • Jan 8, 2020

Promo Product Update – 2020 Trends


Welcome to week 2 of 2020.  This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend one of our many industry trade-shows.  This was a full day of education followed by 2 days of my suppliers exhibiting what’s new and exciting for the new year.

It took the full 2 days to get through the show.  The funny thing; this isn’t the largest of the shows.

Oy, my legs and back are killing me.

“Trends” are a funny thing.  Some take a long time to reach the end of their life and some come in and fade out just as quick (who still has their fidget spinners?).

Social media plays a key role in a lot of these trends and sometimes, make it difficult for industry experts to predict what’s coming next or what’s to be expected. 

From going through this show and seeing what my manufacturers and distributors are showing, here are my thoughts on where trends will head;


Social Responsibility

The past has been a clear indication that younger consumers are putting their money behind brands and products that stand for something.  I think this trend will continue to grow and create other opportunities for my industry.  I believe that our customers want to feel good about what they buy and will pick products that reflect those values, especially where these products can give back to their communities.

I believe that sustainability will be one of the defining social causes that will have a huge impact.  For example, single use plastic items will be a direct impact.  Paper, wheat straw straws and metal drinkware are already popular and will only grow in popularity.  Next will be plates, napkins and utensils, I’m sure.

Better Quality

There seemed to be an indication that the quality of products is getting better.  I believe people/customers will pay more for better quality products for a number of reasons; 1. They look and feel better, giving a brand a better perceived image, 2. They become more meaningful to the people that use them and the people that gift them, 3. There is longevity to the product which reduces waste when people choose to discard the “junk” drawers”



Tech products are becoming more and more advanced.  Quality has improved as well as functionability.  Multi-function chargers with the ability to charge more are where the trend is going, followed by better sounding devices, Bluetooth speakers and headsets.  



I believe the leading edge still lies with wearble products.  Decorated shirts, hats will continue to trend upwards.  New product lines are constantly being introduced with various products to sustain brand awareness.  Shirts, hats and polo’s were all on prominent display



Thank you for reading my blog.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please email me

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