Our Best Tips to Meet New Customers at Tradeshows

  • Nov 2, 2021


Last month, in preparation for the return of tradeshow season, I focused on the questions to ask before investing in your trade show items so that what you bring to your event is worth every penny you spend.

Now, let’s focus on what to do when you get there. Exhibiting is not a passive activity! You have business goals to meet. Let's make sure you're meeting them.

What To Bring

Resist the temptation to load up your booth; that makes it too cluttered and chaotic. Bring a representative sample of what you offer, not everything. If someone asks about a product you didn’t bring, offer to set up a video chat to show it to them after you both return.

Ready your team

  • Staff accordingly: Bring enough people to keep several conversations going at once without overcrowding the booth. Include personable and outgoing people ready to deliver your message, mission, and product to the mass audience.
  • Outfit them: Here’s another area where I can help you. Color- and logo-coordinated wearable swag will help you be recognized even when not on the show floor. I can work with your budget, make sure it’s comfortable to wear, and be on-brand for your business.
  • Prep for the show: Hold a pre-show team huddle to go over a game plan. 
  • How will you engage passers-by? 
  • What are good questions to ask them?
  • What questions will come up? What are the right answers?
  • How will you collect contacts?
  • What other ways can you fulfill requests if they cannot be filled on the spot?

Get them to your booth

  • Engage in conversations: Sitting at the table and waiting for folks to come to you will guarantee a disappointing experience. Plan to be actively talking to people, striking up conversations:
  • How are you enjoying the show?
  • Have you been finding what you need today?
  • Tell me about what you do. 
  • Would you like to see a demo?
...Are good conversation starters. 
  • Give people something to do at your booth: Here’s another area where I can help you. Ideas that make your booth a center of activity: 
  • Allow your attendees to test run your products
  • Set up a selfie photo op
  • Have them play games for prizes
... or we can help you come up with other unique and budget-friendly ways to turn curious onlookers into future contacts.
  • Prep for a marathon: You should plan to be standing and talking most of the time. Make sure everyone is hydrated, fueled, and comfortable. Here’s another area I can help you:
  • Comfortable shoes with extra padding
  • Anti-fatigue mats to stand on 
  • A stool to lean on (But not the whole time!)
  • Enough trade show swag that everyone wants and talks about! 
  • Swag--the big draw!: Giveaways, Products, and Prizes are trade show musts! And yes, there are thousands of promotional product choices, but I do not want you to have to review them all. Instead, when you work with Promo Stuff 4 You, the first thing you’ll do is talk to me.  When selecting the best conference swag, we will make sure it is:
  • Memorable — So people remember your brand 
  • Quality — Made of material that conveys something of value 
  • Sharable — An item that someone would gift to another 
  • Creative — Fun and outside-the-box  
  • Durable — It will last for years 
Trade show preparation and execution is a huge undertaking but worth your investment if done right. Have clear goals and come prepared. Set your intention for the show, and be prepared to execute it. Work towards a memorable presence, but stick to your brand and budget. We have solutions to help you achieve your goals without compromise.
When you and I work together, you are going to succeed. Opportunities await! Let’s get the ball rolling today.

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